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Reshape your nose to bring your facial features into better harmony.


The nose is one of the most defining features of the face. A nose that is too large or too small can greatly affect your appearance. At our practice in Austin, Texas, rhinoplasty can be performed for aesthetic reasons to bring your facial features into better balance. However, a rhinoplasty can also be performed as a medically necessary procedure to improve the function of your nasal passages.

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Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There are two primary benefits of rhinoplasty: cosmetic enhancement and improved function. In some cases, a rhinoplasty can accomplish both of these goals at the same time.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty can improve the size and shape of your nose. Common reasons to consider rhinoplasty include a bump on the bridge of the nose, uneven nostrils or a profile that’s too prominent. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to make a nose larger, although this is not as common. Old injuries, like broken noses that healed incorrectly, can be repaired with rhinoplasty as well.

Rhinoplasty to restore nasal function offers the health benefit of restoring full use of the nasal airways. Abnormalities of the nose may be present from birth or can result over time. Rhinoplasty can help resolve chronic snoring and sleep apnea, a condition where breathing ceases in intervals through the night. Physical problems with the nose can lead to chronic sinus infections or inflammation, which can also be resolved with rhinoplasty.

In some cases, rhinoplasty may be included with additional procedures like chin or cheek implants. Combining surgeries can help bring out the best in your final results. Rhinoplasty can also be performed as part of facial reconstructive surgery or a cosmetic facelift.

Procedure Options

Because there are many different reasons why Austin patients schedule a rhinoplasty consultation, we offer several approaches to ensure that your needs are met. This way, our team can be sure that you’ll receive both the aesthetic and the medical benefits you hope for.

  • Revision Rhinoplasty – Not every rhinoplasty delivers the ideal results. Revision rhinoplasty can be challenging, due to the changes in tissue and cartilage following an earlier procedure. Our surgeons have the right combination of skills and expertise to revise a former surgery and help you feel better about your appearance.
  • Nasal Obstruction – A nasal obstruction can prevent air intake. Reasons for nasal obstruction surgery include nasal polyps, obstructed sinuses that haven’t been helped with medication, and enlarged turbinates. In some cases, scarring from a former nasal procedure or injury can obstruct airways. Nasal obstruction surgery can clear your nasal passages and allow you to breathe freely again.
  • Septoplasty – The septum is the bone and cartilage that separates one nostril from the other inside your nose. Normally, the septum divides the nostrils equally. In a deviated septum, the bone and cartilage are displaced. A deviated septum can cause sinus problems and block the nasal passages. Septoplasty helps correct this displacement.

Recovery and Results

Most of our Texas patients experience some initial discomfort like swelling and bruising right after their rhinoplasty. You’ll notice a change in the appearance of your nose right away. As swelling continues to reduce, your final results will be revealed, though keep in mind that subtle changes to the shape of your nose may continue for 6 to 12 months. Most patients can return to work in a week or two.

Rhinoplasty from the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas will help bring your face into better harmony and resolve breathing issues. Most patients also notice a new boost in their self-esteem after rhinoplasty because they feel more positive about their appearance.