body reconstruction

Body Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery restores both aesthetics and function.

Body Reconstruction

Severe illness or trauma may need surgical reconstruction to restore both appearance and function. At our Texas surgical center, reconstructive body surgery can be included as part of a primary treatment plan. Our plastic surgery team uses a combined approach that looks at both structure and aesthetics.

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  • Abdominal Wall Reconstruction – This surgery repairs abdominal weakness caused by open wounds, recurrent hernias or other issues. This is done when other repair methods fail. Surgical restructuring offers a better solution for lasting results.
  • Chest Wall Reconstruction – The chest wall may need to be rebuilt after tumor removal. Cancer growths can affect both bone and soft tissue. Previously, chest wall reconstruction has been challenging. Now, new surgical methods allow our surgeons to create improved chest wall stability for better results.
  • Exposed Hardware Reconstruction – In the past, hardware that was exposed was just removed. Now, there are many more advanced soft tissue surgical techniques. When combined with other treatments, reconstructive surgery offers new hope for wound closure.
  • Lower Extremity Trauma Reconstruction – Reconstruction of the feet, legs or thighs offers a positive option after severe trauma. Along with infection control, blood vessels may be repaired. Skin grafts and soft tissue reconstruction complete the process.
  • Scar Revision – Healing doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Scar revision can minimize the appearance of old scar tissue for a smoother, less noticeable look.

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